Virgin 🤩 PornStar Martini

Virgin 🤩 PornStar Martini


Q. When is a Pornstar Martini not a Pornstar Martini but nobody can tell?

A. When it's one of ours ❤️


Made with Seedlip Grove 42, non-alcoholic spirit a zesty, citrus blend made using three types of Mediterranean Orange, Ginger, Lemongrass & Lemon peel. A cool prickle of Japanese Sancho Peppercorn gives this non-alcoholic spirit a bright, dry finish. Add that to Passion fruit, apple & lemon juice you have once cracking cocktail.


But no Pornstar would be complete without a shot of bubbles. As such we’ve teamed up with the fabulous folk at Thomson & Scott to bring you Noughty, a new sparkling wine taking the non-alcoholic sector by storm, it really is marvellous!


Send to a loved one, friend of colleague to help them finish Dry Jan in style or maybe somebody you know that’s expecting & can still join in on the zoom party without yet another soft drink.

If you wanted to add to the box we can send all three ‘free from’ serves in one letterbox cocktail box which includes the Apple & Elderflower No-jito & the Hegde – no Sling ❤️