Mary's smoking hot 🌶️🍅🧄 sister 🔥

Mary's smoking hot 🌶️🍅🧄 sister 🔥


Fancy one of our fresh Bloody 🍅 Mary's or spice things up with her smoking hot sister?? 🔥🔥🔥


We’ve teamed up with the fabulous Ben’s Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Mix - Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Mix is Vegan, Gluten Free and Non-Alcoholic. We’ve then rammed in the fresh tomatoes added smoked chipotle 🌶️ chilli’s, Hot Mexican Sauce, smoked sea salt & cracked blackpepper to create a WOW factor rim on your cocktail & give those taste buds a real tingle.


To give this cocktail the extra WOW factor we have swapped out the usual vodka base & repleced it with the stunning Cazcabel Honey Liqueur with Tequila Blanco - it is a stunning distrilled liquid & makes this like no bloody mary you have ever tried before. 


Finish & garnish with smoked chipotle & dehydrated lemon wheel, dried chilli flakes & a pickled whole chilli.   

  • What's in the pack?

    All of our cocktails come ‘complete’ so you have a complete cocktail in a pack, no hunting around for garnishes or added liquids to finish them off. They are also fresh. This means we produce them by hand, in the pub & dispatch.


    This pack includes a garnish of smoked chipotle chilli’s 🌶️, smoked sea salt, cracked black pepper,  smoked chipotle piece, lemon wheel & Mary's smoking hot sister bloody 🍅🍅🍅 mary mix  

  • Making at home

    Making our cocktails at home is simple. We’ve done all of the hard work for you so it’s not like picking up an IKEA flat pack & getting it home. There are secrets to make them AMAZING though so, listen up…


    Grab your glass (a tall glass is best) but if you don’t have one a wine glass does the trick.


    Pop the glass into the freezer 🧊🧊🧊 for an hour or so or get a good handful of ice, fill the glass, then add cold water to the rim (this is the bit most people don’t do…it chills the glass on all sides 😉


    Cut open ✂️ the top section of your cocktail pack & remove garnishes, popping to one side


    Shake the bag 👋with your cocktail mix in it to liven it up


    …..or, if you have a cocktail shaker, add ice about ½ way then the mix, pop on the top & shake, the shaker will behind to ice up on the outside as the liquid drops in temperature, don’t shake too much of the ice will break down, 20-30 seconds will be fine. This will give you the best result for a solid foam so you could use a water bottle to do the same thing (but just remember if you do that to have a sieve to strain the liquid through & leave the ice behind)


    Before you fill the glass, take the smoked sea salt, chipotle & crack black pepper mix & spread out onto a saucer or plate. Run your finger under a tap & run it around the rim of the glass & slightly down the side. Then roll the glass into the mix so it all sticks to the side & top of the glass. When evenly coated…


    Cut open the bag & pour into you chilled glass (remove the ice & water if you used that method)


    Slip the Rosemary sprig down one side of the glass, with the dried chipotle piece & add the dehydrated lemon wheel to the top of the garnish.