Marmalade 🍊 Martini

Marmalade 🍊 Martini


Chase Original Potato Vodka is aged with thick-cut marmalade & ribbons of peel from Seville oranges. It's then distilled with orange peel from Seville & Valencia. Finished by ageing in oak barrels for six months at the distillery in Hertfordshire. We’ve worked with the Chase team for the past 10 years & their spirits are simply, beautiful.


To create the Marmalade 🍊 Martini we blend the vodka with fresh orange 🍊 juice, fresh lemon 🍋 juice, homemade sugar syrup & a couple of secret dashes 🧐 of this & that.


It is the prefect kick starter for lazy Sundays with toast or to finish a delightful meal. It is one of more ‘grown up’ serves & deserves absolute class.

  • What's in the pack?

    All of our cocktails come ‘complete’ so you have a complete cocktail in a pack, no hunting around for garnishes or added liquids to finish them off. They are also fresh. This means we produce them by hand, in the pub & dispatch.


    This pack includes the Marmalade mix, a dehydrated orange wheel & a servile orange leaf.

  • Making at home

    Making our cocktails at home is simple, we’ve done all of the hard work for you, so it’s not like picking up an IKEA flat pack & getting it home.


    There are a few secrets to make them AMAZING though so, listen up…


    Grab your glass (a martini 🍸 glass is best for this serve) but if you don’t have one a wine glass does the trick.


    Pop it into the freezer 🧊🧊🧊 for an hour or so




    grab a good handful of ice 🧊🧊🧊, fill the glass, add cold water 💦until you get to a fingers thickness (pinkie) to the rim (this is the bit most people don’t do)…it chills the glass on all sides 😉


    Cut open the top section of your cocktail pack & remove garnishes, popping to one side


    This serve requires no vigorous shaking, just class. Empty your glass of the ice & water, snip a corner of the pouch & pour straight into the glass.


    Add the dehydrated orange 🍊 garnish & pop the Servile orange 🍃 leaf on the top.