Cherry 🍒🧁 Bakewell

Cherry 🍒🧁 Bakewell


Love a cheery bakewell? Come on, who doesn't!!? 


It's taken weeks of tasting ðŸ™„ but we have made it! A cocktail that tastes like a cherry bakewell tart & some! Loaded fresh fruit flavours & a follow through of cakeiness it is the first of our range of 🧁 'caketails' 🧁 deliscious in the afternoon or early evening ❤️ 


*Please note allegens for this cocktail - it contains traces of *nuts* as we use a soya milk when preparing the cocktail mixture 

  • What's in the pack?

    All of our cocktails come ‘complete’ so you have a complete cocktail in a pack, no hunting around for garnishes or added liquids to finish them off. They are also fresh. This means we produce them by hand, in the pub & dispatch.


    This pack includes the Bakewell cocktail mix, with a fresh mint & cherry garnish 

  • Making at home

    Making our cocktails at home is simple. We’ve done all of the hard work for you so it’s not like picking up an IKEA flat pack & getting it home. There are secrets to make them AMAZING though so, listen up…


    Grab your glass (a martini glass is best) but if you don’t have one a wine glass does the trick.


    Pop it into the freezer 🧊🧊🧊 for an hour or so or get a good handful of ice, fill the glass, then add cold water to the rim (this is the bit most people don’t do…it chills the glass on all sides 😉


    Cut open ✂ the top section of your cocktail pack & remove garnishes, popping to one side


    Shake the bag 👋 with your cocktail mix in it to liven it up


    …..or, if you have a cocktail shaker, add ice about ½ way then the mix, pop on the top & shake, the shaker will behind to ice up on the outside as the liquid drops in temperature, don’t shake too much of the ice will break down, 20-30 seconds will be fine. This will give you the best result for a solid foam so you could use a water bottle to do the same thing (but just remember if you do that to have a sieve to strain the liquid through & leave the ice behind)


    Add 6 or 7 pieces of ice ðŸ§Š back into the glass, cut open the bag & pour into you chilled glass 


    Add the garnish as you see fit ðŸ’🍃 - we've built it for you on a recycled twizzle stick to make life even easier 



  • Allergens

    Please note this cocktail contains allergens to be aware of;








    Sulphur dioxide