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Send fresh, handmade, cocktails in the post  

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Welcome to Letterbox Cocktails our 💥🍎 fresh, 👋 handmade 🍹cocktail offer adding some fun to letterboxes of friends, family & loved ones across the UK

Born from an idea in the pandemic, we're now sending our cocktails across the UK as gifts, award ceremony drinks, team meetings, girls nights in, boys nights in, welcome to your new home, happy birthday, miss you, congratulations & soooooo much more ❤️  


Biscoff espresso martini

Somethings are just meant to be

Sometimes when your making cocktails something comes along & you just say "YES" - well that cocktail is our NEW Biscoff 🍪☕🍸Espresso Martini, it's not just good, it's gooooooooooood ❤️ 


Made with a Biscoff smooth spread reduction, Absolute Vodka, Kahlúa & a couple of our secret twists this cocktail is a super star, making you an everyday hero for friends, family or colleagues

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Lemon Merangue Pie top_LBCS.jpeg

Love lemon meringue pie?

Let us introduce you to our Lemon Meringue pie- a fantastic cocktail made with Gin, limoncello, fresh lemon juice, homemade sugar syrup & a burnt meringue garnish.  

taste of

We know, it's not Summer, but we can all day dream right?

Our Dune 🐛 Bug is a perfect example of the summer break, rammed full of fruit flavours it's one of our favourites! 

Check it out below 🐛


June Bug side shot_LBCS.jpeg


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